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Our Mission

Hagatna Dojo exists to ecourage physical activity through the use of Kyokushin Karate.  The training although challenging offers more than just the physical strength but also the mental and spiritual drive and motivation to center the mond and body balance. We encourage hard training and discipline as tools to achieve individual goals. Osu!

Kyokushin Karate adult & teens


Kyokushin Karate has been on Guam Since 1966 and continues to be the longest and successful operating dojo.  Our instuctors are trained and certified by the International Karate Organization, Japan.  Our training focuses on building a strong mind and body and character through the guidance by our experienced and qualified black belts. This is the real Kyokushin Karate on Guam

Kyokushin Karate Kids


Our goal is to help kids gain self confidence and teach the importance of focus and to develop a healthy enjoyment for karate training.  Our program is also designed to teach the values of discipline, repsect and courtesy.


This one hour class is designed to challenge your physically and mentally from coordination drills, focus mitt training, bag workout and overall strength and conditioning! 

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