Karate on Guam

For 50 Years

Guam Kyokushinkai and the Hagatna Dojo are always focused on the positive family experience mirroring the Chamorro custom of, true, Ina' fa'mauleg (striving for harmony) and the Kyokushin spirit of Osu (perseverance).  In today's community our island is in need of more positive outlets, such as karate, with a continual effort of teaching and mentoring our youth and others looking to dedicate themselves to a way of life.  "We will pursue the true meaning of the martial way." - an excerpt from our Dojo Oath. We hope that you will join us in our way of life. Osu!

Monthly Fees:

Youth (14 - 17 years old) and Adults $60

Youth (4 - 13 years old ) $50

Registration fee: $35.


The best way to experience our karate classes is to try them!

3 for Free trial offer. Ask for more details at the dojo.

(karate classes only, not available for kickboxing class)

For new sign-up members only.

Monthly Fees:

Youth (14 - 17 years old) and Adults $60

Youth (10 -13 years old ) $50

Registration fee: $35.

Drop in fee: $25.00

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5.00 pm-8.00 pm



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Contact & Location: 
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email: hdkickfit@gmail.com

Physical Address:

181 East Marine Corp Drive

Suite 206, Hagatna, Guam


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